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BitInc Systems is a software development company whose products provide electronic interfaces between existing software applications.

BitInc Systems was formed in 2009 by Mark Nash in preparation for the retirement of Dr. V. Joseph “Joe” Bowman, Jr., founder of Bowman Interface Technologies, Inc. Mark worked for Bowman Interface Technologies for over 11 years designing, developing, and supporting the systems it offered.

Bowman Interface Technologies, Inc. was formed in 1996 to license and support software products developed by Bowman Associates, a management consulting company, founded in 1983 by Dr. Bowman. The company had been developing interface products for the medical industry since 1986.

On January 1, 2010, BitInc Systems began its journey to continue the work of Joe and Bowman Interface Technologies. Joe now serves as a consultant to BitInc Systems while enjoying the many benefits of retirement.

BitInc Systems' proprietary technology, the DaFoDiL® data format description language, enhances interface building speed and efficiency by separating the data descriptions from the executable code. Developers do not need to know the format of the data in order to write the application, and new files can be quickly and easily "registered" using the DaFoDiL® language without making any changes to the application code.

BitInc Systems' goal is to provide technological improvements to medical industry operations by focusing on the efficient interchange of data to enhance the operating processes.
DaFoDiL is a registered trademark of Bowman Associates, LLC.
Claims Management Suite, Claims WorkBench, CWB-Router, Claims-2-eLoad, Claims-2-Payer, Claims eTracker, and What's HIPAAning! are all trademarks of BitInc Systems.