About Us

MoneyBitInc Systems is a software development company whose products provide electronic interfaces between existing software applications. The company is a leading supplier of electronic claims inload interfaces and offers one of the simplest and most complete interface mechanisms for loading electronic claim data.

BitInc Systems was established in 2009 by Mark Nash. Mark began working for Bowman Interface Technologies, Inc. (a.k.a. BITinc) in 1998 as a programmer and was elevated to Chief of Software Development in 2007. In 2010 BitInc Systems acquired the assets of Bowman Interface Technologies as its founder, Dr. V. Joseph Bowman, Jr., transitioned into a well-deserved retirement.

BitInc Systems’ goal is to provide technological improvements to operations by focusing on the efficient interchange of data to enhance the operating processes.

BitInc Green Line

DaFoDiL™ Language

The DaFoDiL™ data format description language provides a mechanism to build interfaces separating the source of the data from actual executable code. Designed as a programmer’s tool, the DaFoDiL™ language allows a developer to write an application without advance knowledge of the format of input data. The developer only needs to know the name that the DaFoDiL™ language will assign to a particular data item and the name of the input source.

During processing, when a value is needed that is controlled by the DaFoDiL™ engine, the engine will take the data name and source name and return the appropriate value. This functionality and concept is similar to the database construction where the format and location of the storage of data is kept separate from the application code and is not needed by the programmer.

Currently our DaFoDiL™ engine will read information from any record, form, or X12 format. BitInc Systems currently has several applications that are using DaFoDiL™ language. These include the Claims WorkBench™, Claims-2-eLoad™, and Claims-2-Payer™ systems. Each of these applications can add new source data formats or new output formats without requiring modifications of the application code by the simple process of “registering” in the DaFoDiL™ language. The typical time to “register” a new format can be less than one hour. The DaFoDiL™ language changes the time to update an application from weeks and months to hours and days.

The DaFoDiL™ data format description language provides the following advantages:

  • Applications independent of data source or output formats
  • Read or write X12 formats
  • Read or write any form formats
  • Read or write any record formats
  • Add special script processing outside of the application
  • Reduce time to incorporate new data formats
  • Add new formats by using support personnel