Claims-2-eLoadProduct Summary

Claims-2-eLoad™ allows you to focus on data accuracy and qualification, not data entry.

  • Claim filtering
  • Data conversion
  • Data verification
  • Member ID Correction
  • File Editing
  • Support for any electronic format
  • Complete audit trails

BitInc Green Line

The Claims-2-eLoad™ system processes your claims from print files of CMS 1500s and UB040s, any record format; X12 837P and 837I; and any other electronic format. Stop rekeying data and concentrate on data accuracy and qualification.

The Claims-2-eLoad™ system provides the following benefits:

  • Import claim data from:

CMS 1500 and HCFA 1500 print formats
UB04 and UB92 print formats
Record formats
X12 837P and 837I formats
Any other electronic format

  • Validate data prior to claim inload
  • Translate data via user defined tables
  • Filter claims electronically based on data from the claim. Full information on why claims were included or excluded
  • Providers need only one interface. No needed to pay for costly reprogramming of Provider’s Practice Management System
  • You control the system. Users maintain all conversion tables and filtering criteria.
  • Eligibility Verification corrects common member ID data problems.
  • Error and warning messages prior to inload. Validate data against your claims system information prior to inload.
  • Generate multiple claims or aggregate to one claim to meet the claims system’s maximum items per claim
  • Use reports to identify source document errors. Improve your operations by positive proof of source document erros
  • Eliminate hand claim sorting using the filtering capabilities.
  • Extensive audit trails provide complete tracking of claims from receipt to inload. This includes all data corrections.
  • Quick load features allow you to build conversion tables on the fly.
  • Multiple Member ID correction algorithms allow you to maximize clean claims.
  • Our proprietary DaFoDiL™ data format description language allows the system to be easily customized for each practice management system.